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Galloway can't get no respect

January 26, 2006 ~ 1:19 p.m.

Respect MP George Galloway was evicted from the house on Celebrity Big Brother last night by a good 64.7 percent of the public vote. The far-Left rabble-rouser opined earlier this month, after surviving an initial vote, that “it would be like losing an election. I’m not used to losing elections.”

He’s certainly not used to being concerned about his constituents whom he has chosen to thank for his local election victory over Labour incumbent Oona King in May 2005 by costing them thousands of pounds during his absence from the House of Commons while he danced in a red Spandex body-suit, smoked cigars, ranted about Bush and Blair to anyone willing to listen (and no-one did), and pretended to be a cat during his twenty-two days in the Big Brother house. Voters were so appalled that they actually set up a website entitled “Get back to Work, George!”

Galloway said he signed up for the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother to get his anti-war message across to young people. Fortunately, Channel 4 – the British TV station airing the show – completely edited out his political machinations, focusing solely on his personal interactions with the housemates which wavered between bitchy gossiping to outright bullying.

Just days ago, he mocked entertainer Michael Barrymore during a spat, “Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink!” Barrymore is a recovering alcoholic. He also opined that Barrymore was “the most selfish, arrogant and self-obsessed person” he’d ever met. Excuse me? Pot? It’s the kettle – you’re black. (Kudos to Barrymore, who replied, “No wonder Blair threw you out!”)

Residents of the London township which elected Galloway were aghast. Here was their 51-year-old Member of Parliament trying to act thirty years younger and looking like a right twit in so doing. Galloway, champion of Muslims everywhere, was heavily criticized by the majority Muslim constituents of the Bethany Green and Bow district who were scandalized by his cavorting around on a show that, to their minds, is immorally deviant.

In addition to trying – and failing – to get his pinko manifesto across to the young audience tuning in, Galloway donated the money earned from his stay to the Miriam Appeal, a pro-Palestinian charity. Yes, he chose to donate money to these same Palestinians who just elected a terrorist organization to represent them. Doesn’t your heart just melt? Well, it’s certainly no surprise from Galloway who has publicly embraced the likes of Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro. I suppose it never crossed Galloway’s mind to donate to a more local charity, perhaps one to tackle widespread poverty in East London where his constituency is located? No, instead it’s Hamas all the way, baby!

Galloway, who was jeered loudly by the large crowd of young people gathered outside the house (one person held up a sign announcing “Pussy MP Out!”), whined upon his dismissal, “I don’t normally lose elections and this was a big one.” I guess the high from your smear-stained victory over Ms. King last May has worn off then, George, eh? It is expected that Galloway’s return to Parliament will be brutal. He will likely face a mocking chorus of “Meow!” and a saucer of milk will be awaiting him, courtesy of his fellow MPs, honouring his embarrassingly ridiculous cat impersonation.

It is really telling that Galloway has lost the adoration of the normally fawning left-wing tabloid The Mirror who, all throughout his Big Brother appearance, insinuated that Galloway wasn’t worthy of respect, capital R or not. (Galloway formed the ironically named party after being expelled from Labour in 2003 for his remark that British troops were “wolves” in Ira q and deserved to be shot.)

And so, as Galloway faces further investigation into his Saddam-kickbacks by the U.K. Serious Fraud Office, as he struggles to explain what he was doing with the bloodthirsty son Uday in 1999, telling him “we’re with you till the end,” as he encounters humiliating catcalls from parliamentarians who will joke about him every chance they get, and as he awaits an appeal by The Daily Telegraph on a libel lawsuit that could bankrupt him, the rest of us will say “good riddance, George,” satisfied that his abject disgrace is no less than the hyper-arrogant, Stalinist punk deserves.

– M.E.M.

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