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The end of the road

June 15, 2007 ~ 8:33 a.m.

I really hate to do this, dear Diaryland reader, but I have another blog now. I have been writing on Blogger since April and have found that I really love it there.

I first started blogging here on the advice of a friend in 2001 and have had a good time doing so. I had a lot to say over the years and was glad of the chance to do so. Arguments and assents abounded over the years and I was delighted at the experience. But those days are over now. I had to take my writing elsewhere. It feels dead here.

Originally, I created my other blog with the intention of copying and pasting my writing over here. But that just isn't practical. One weblog is enough.

So, it's time for me to save my old work on this blog to my hard drive and continue writing on my newer site. This won't be easy for me to give up, but it's for the best. I just feel as though I've reached the end of the Diaryland road.

If there are any readers of mine left who would like to keep in touch with my musings, you can can do so at: Nitpickings of a Nightdragon (just click on the link). You'll all be welcome there, and, if you like, I'll list your diary among my friends on my new page. And, heck, I promise to keep in better touch. Just let me know.

I have not retired and I promise you that I'll keep writing. Just not here.

� M.E.M.

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