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A correction and – SEX!

October 02, 2002 ~ 9:02 a.m.

If any of you happened to read yesterday’s entry and said to yourself “hey, wait a minute, I thought Anaheim was taking on the Yankees, and it was Oakland versus Minnesota?” Well, I realized my mistake, corrected the entry and now you should go back and read it so it makes more sense. That is, if anyone cares.

And … have I got this right? Arizona got thrashed by St. Louis, 12-2, last night??? Ouch! Hey, hey, Randy J., get your act together, man! The Big Unit looked like the Big Flop.

Well, after all this time, for what is likely the very first time this year, I had sex! Yes, it was with my wife.

Read this piece and you will be given some history. Up until last night, nothing much had changed.

I am not the most romantic guy in the world. If my wife asks if I like her hair, she takes a grunt to mean, “yeah, it’ll do.” Cuddles, kisses, conversations, moments shared in the sun—we do that on a pretty regular basis. But nightdragons love the privacy of their lairs, and I surely am no different. Our love lives tend to slide quite dramatically as a result of our preference for solitude. My wife and I had both slipped into second virginities.

But last night was where the buck stopped. How did it happen? Quite spontaneously, in fact.

I went into the airing cupboard to put some towels away and saw one of my wife’s chemises hanging there—a sexy, short, silky black number—and I fingered it for a few seconds. Then I went into the bedroom, flipped the chemise at her and said, “put that on.”

She did so unquestioningly, crawled into bed and gazed upon my wild-eyed self. I was ravenous for it.

And so, after the Almighty only knows how long, I had sex. And, hmmm, I’m pretty positive that I liked it! Yummm …

– M.E.M.

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