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Caffeine fetish

March 11, 2004 ~ 1:53 p.m.

I make love every morning around 9:30. Its always a beautiful experience.

The beauty of my beginning-of-the-day desires used to be white, but now I prefer it black. I guess that makes me a multiculturalist.

I hold the object of my affections very close to my heart, gently cradled by my loving, careful hands. God help the unfortunate misfit who bumps me, causing her to have a spill.

I coo gently to her, telling her how much I need her, how much she means to me, especially at that particular time of the day. I often turn to her during the afternoon as well, but our morning encounters are always the most special.

Her scent drives me wild and makes my mouth water in anticipation.

I talk, of course, of coffee.


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